You Won! Now What?

Have you been entering the One More Disney Day Sweepstakes every day? I have. And I haven’t won yet. But lots of other people have!

As of this writing EIGHT posters from Dis Boards have won trips, and more winners are being announced all the time.

While it’s true that the lucky winners will be few (and fewer every day), you can never be too prepared. Have you looked at the fine print? Here’s what the lucky winners get:  

A five day / four night trip for four people to either Disney World or Disneyland, consisting of:

  1. hotel accommodations (one standard room/quad occupancy) for four nights;
  2. 5-Day Park Hopper Tickets;
  3. a Disney Gift Card with a value of one thousand dollars;
  4. winner’s choice of one of the four following enhancements:
    1. Disney’s PhotoPass – including one Disney’s PhotoPass Book, one Disney’s PhotoPass CD and other select Disney’s PhotoPass offerings;
    2. Select Disney Tours with a value up to $500;
    3. one (1) Downtown Disney shopping spree with a value of up to $500;
    4. relaxing Spa experiences with a value up to $500.
  5. air or ground transportation to WDW or DL; and
  6. airport/hotel transfer if air transportation is provided.

I’ve been talking with my “Secret Society” of Disney friends (Agent Cheese here … /inside joke) about what we’d do if we won, and the verdict seems quite split. Some people are sure they’d do Disney World, while others are dreaming of Disneyland.

For me, it seemed obvious. I desperately want to experience Walt’s original playground, but we’ll scarce be able to afford Disneyland any time soon unless we win. Even if we stay on DVC points, the cost of airfare is prohibitive. When you add the cost of ground transportation, food and park tickets … it’s a very costly vacation!

He was dreaming of a massage here

The One More Disney Day prize takes care of all of that: air and ground transport, hotel, park tickets and a gift card large enough to cover most (if not all) of our meals. And I’d already started thinking about the different tours we could book with $500! In my mind, it was all set. All we have to do is keep entering and, hopefully, win.

Turns out, my husband had a different outcome in mind. “Oh, we’d take the spa gift card, absolutely,” he said. And when he saw my face, he said, “The shopping spree?” Going on as many tours as possible was the last thing on his mind. Since this is a (as-yet hypothetical) free trip, he reasons, we shouldn’t run around, trying to get as much “bang for our buck” as possible.

It made me think … mostly that he’s crazy!!

I probably won’t win, but whether it happens for me or not, I’m still counting down the days to my trip at the end of this month. Don’t forget: we’ll be live blogging the entire Leap Day spectacle.

So what about you: if you win, which Kingdom would you visit? And which “enhancement” would you choose? 

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