You Might Be An Epcot Fan If …

Geodesic Shoes
Geodesic Shoes

I own a pair of geodesic shoes.

Epcot background music has been known to make me cry.

And I get remarkably sad when I realize I won’t ride Spaceship Earth any time soon.

You could say I’m an Epcot fan.

How do you know you’re an Epcot fan? Well, if there’s any doubt in your mind, you might want to keep scrolling because Jonathan Prime and the rest of the Disney fan community on Twitter have come up with some great ways to tell.

Here are a few of my favorites:


A selection of great tweets from this weekend’s #hashtaggery

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#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you set your car thermostat to 82 because it’s more aesthetically pleasing.EPCOTprime
@EPCOT_Prime #YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you build food booths in your backyard every fall.Alan Mize
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTfan if catching a whiff of the scent of oranges brings a tear to your eye.Ivonne
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTfan if you stand near random landscaping hoping that water jumps out at you or over you.trumpetjedi
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if you’re always a little sad when stepping on colored carpet tiles doesn’t produce a sound.EPCOTprime
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if you don’t understand people needing passports to travel to foreign countries.AtDisneyAgain
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTfan if you open the refrigerator expecting to hear the words, "Veggie, Veggie, Fruit, Fruit!"trumpetjedi
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if every bonfire immediately reminds you of the smell of Rome burning.Cory White
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if you’d rather go to World Showcase than actually travel to a foreign country.matt browning
.@AtDisneyAgain #YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you need to specify if you’re talking about an actual country or a World Showcase pavilion.Varsenik Wilson
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if the scent of orange makes you feel like your shoes are about to fall offMegan McCoy
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you call the UK Phone Booths for funReuben G
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you liked to go downhill backwardsSafari Mike
@EPCOT_Prime #YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you try to have a drink in every room of your house.Alan Mize
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTfan if you walk around pointing your cellphone at random objects hoping for something cool to happen.trumpetjedi
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if your idea of a time machine is blue and has no flux capacitorAtDisneyAgain
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you use Innoventions East and West to tell direction instead of a compassSarah Hubbard
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you blow the torches out with the narrator during IlluminationsSarah Hubbard
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if you see Eric Idle’s face in the moon.Annie Clarf
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if you read your newspaper upside downAnnie Clarf
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if your first Disney shirt had Figment on it…not MickeyThe Redhead
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you measure miles in "laps around World Showcase"Aaron Wallace
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if you occasionally (frequently) "conduct" IlluminationsThe Redhead
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you know that the only golf ball in Epcot is the one in Soarin’…. NOT SPACESHIP EARTH! #MyLifeIsWDWMy Life Is WDW
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if before meals instead of saying grace you thank the Phoenicians.Leah
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you know that nothing is astuter than a computerChelsea
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if you know "geodesic sphere" as one of the basic shapesAaron Wallace
#YouMightBeAnEpcotFan if your understanding of the Civil War is that it was tragic primarily for tearing a family apartAaron Wallace
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if you can pronounce AkershusAnnie Clarf
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if you are brand loyal to Siemens even though you’ve never bought anything from themAlexandra McVetty
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if your twins are named CommuniCore East and CommuniCore West.AtDisneyAgain
#YouMightBeAnEPCOTFan if you talk about a guy named Marty like you’re personal friends.AtDisneyAgain

How do you know you’re an Epcot fan? Let us know in the comments below! 

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