The Year Of The Horse

Happy Lunar New Year! Starting today, we’re officially in the Year of the Horse. According to Chinese myth and legend, horses symbolize potent power, grace and beauty.They tend to be intelligent and hate failure … a lot like my three favorite Disney horses, presented in age order:

(from the 2010 Disney film Tangled)
Maximus from TangledIt’s hard not to love this guy. Tough, loyal and a damn good detective, Maximus begins his tale as a palace horse … and he ends his tale there, too. It gets a little murky in the middle. But that doesn’t mean he ever stops working for the royal family. My favorite thing about Max is his awesome facial expressions: from exasperated to bemused, none is so amazingly hilarious as his cranky, pouty, resolute expression as he shakes “hands” with Flynn Rider, agreeing to help the human hero reunite Rapunzel with her family. Or maybe it’s the look of horror on his face as the ring rolls away during Tangled Ever After. Regardless, Maximus reminds me more of a dog than of a horse. And we all know how I feel about dogs. (LOVE!)

(from the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast)
Philippe from Beauty and the BeastOh man, how I love this guy. He’s a  Clydesdale, so right off the bat, he’s big, strong and beautiful–like the SUV of horses, but … you know, less bad for the environment. Now, you might say that he’s something of a heel. He does get scared and throw Maurice, but let’s be honest: Maurice shouldn’t have encouraged Philippe to head deeper into the woods when he was clearly uncomfortable. Anyway, he’s still a most loyal horse. Instead of just running off, he runs right home (again, displaying more dog-like characteristics) to alert Belle to the fact that Crazy, Old Maurice is missing. Also, he fights off wolves. Twice.

Rover Boy 
(from the 1951 animated short, Dude Duck)
Rover Boy from Dude DuckYou guys, I love the old Donald shorts because, frankly, there’s nothing funnier to me than watching a cartoon duck get frustrated. And Rover Boy is such a fabulous foil to that–he’ll do pretty much anything to avoid having to go for a ride with a duck dressed in human clothing. Anything. The two go tit for tat in an epic battle of wills … I won’t tell you who wins, but I will tell you that Rover Boy delivers the single best line in a Disney short ever: Ah-moo. Seriously. You have to watch it.

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