Win a Date with Larry Poppins

Simple fact: if you’re not watching @midnight on Comedy Central, you are seriously missing out.

I’ve mentioned the show’s host, Chris Hardwick, on MotM in the past, and his latest television gig is his best yet. Not only does the show inspire a nightly #HashtagGame (one of my favorite things), but they also present the best of the best of the best of pop culture from the day.

Last night was another shining example, as Chris and special guest Jennifer Morrison from ABC’s Once Upon a Time introduced the world to Once Upon a Time Princess Parties. It’s just as good as you’re imagining. Here’s the description:

Once Upon a Time Princess Parties adds the magic to the party. A visit from the Princess/Fairy of your choice will keep your guest entertained and make little girls magical dreams come true! Our shows come with the use of a professional sound system. (Source)

My cousins and nieces have clowns and characters at their parties with fair regularity, and this sounds pretty standard. What isn’t so standard? The Princesses and Fairies you can “order up.” Check it:

Not sure how close you’re looking here … but that’s the same woman. In fact, all of the Once Upon a Time Princesses are played by the same actress. But that’s not what’s really weird about this. Nope.

What’s really weird is the way this actress has decided to protect herself from lawsuits. Namely, all of the princesses have names that are just slightly off. Like Victorian Tea Party Princess (Mary Poppins), Glass Slipper Princess (Cinderella) and The Snow Princess (Elsa from Frozen). You can mouse over the photos to see their non-litigious pseudonyms.

But really, I don’t know why Disney would want to sue this woman. She’s sort of better than a lot of the busted Princesses I’ve met at Disney World, and she’s got the shtick down pat. On her Facebook page, you can watch her put on the perfect Briar Rose, pull on her sassy pants as Tink and quirk it like Anna.

So what are you waiting for? If you live in the thumb-area of the mitten that is Michigan, she’ll come to you! Here’s what you can expect:

A Fairy Tale Princess Package
Time: 1hr

Your Once Upon a Time Princess Party Includes:
•a visit from the Princess/Fairy of your choice
•Professional Princess Entertainment – Entertainment will include singing, dancing and games with a message of kindness and the true meaning of a princess. The Guest of honor will receive the Princess title & ring
•Gifts from the Princess – A special birthday gift for the Party Girl on her special Day

COST $150 ($75 non-refundable deposit required for date reservation)
Having boys at your party? Add Prince charming to the show in either package for an additional $65!  (Source, slightly edited)

If they only offered face painting, I’d be all in. (George, my dog, turns 7 in August, and he loves a good face painting!)

The fairies are my favorite.

Have you ever hired a “bootleg” Disney character for an event? Tell us about it in the comments below!