Installation of the Wilderness Lodge Tree Live Blog

Last night, two friends of the site–Kendra Hayde and Mark Diba–sacrificed sleep (and sanity?) to watch the beginnings of the Wilderness Lodge Tree installation. Like manna to Disney nerds, these two provide an awesome behind-the-scenes look at how the tree is put together and goes up.ย 


Wilderness Lodge Tree Installation

Kendra and Mark were there as Disney put up the tree in the Wilderness Lodge lobby. Please enjoy.

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It begins! Semis out front of WL filled with tree parts. Lobby still full
Caution tape going up around the lobby. Wondering why it’s blocking the part where they actually have to bring stuff in
Getting the lighting infrastructure prepared. They removed a panel from the floor for extra sockets. #wltree
@hintofspy You are live tweeting a tree instillation. You win. Lots of things.EPCOT Explorer
Our crew for tonight. #WLTree Diba
@EPCOTExplorer ahahahaha I’ve been dreaming about doing this since last Christmas season. Even with work tomorrow, I knew I had to stay!Kendra
@hintofspy LOLLLL. How long will it take?EPCOT Explorer
Bringing in ladders. Absolutely scintillating stuff here ๐Ÿ˜› #WLTree
@EPCOTExplorer tentative timeline says first layer down by midnight, 1am for next few. About 5-6 hours total installation time.Kendra
Decorative pieces & wreaths #WLTree
This section of wreaths is heading towards my favorite area of WL ๐Ÿ˜‰ #WLTree
@hintofspy Lulz, that’s very specific! Hallway right of Artist Point under light!OhMeylaWeyla
@OhMeylaWeyla exactly! They’ve rolled in nearly 40 carts of decorations and all are that specifically labeled.Kendra
Rubber mats going down on the lobby floor. #cultofWLtree #WLTree
BEARS!!! BEARS!!!!!! #WLTree Diba
Large Wilderness Lodge wreath #WLTree Diba
Decorations #WLTree Diba
A delightful Wilderness Lodge ornament #WLTree Diba
Whole lotta poinsettias #WLTree Diba
Mini trees #wltree Diba
Little and big wreath #WLTree Diba
The top of the tree has arrived, star and all! #cultofWLtree #WLTree
More wreaths Diba
Star topper #wltree
Christmas miscellany #WLTree Diba
Incredibly charming teepees! #wltree Diba
It appears that this is just like putting together a snap-in branch artificial tree; sections of tiers at a time. #WLTree #cultofWLtreeKendra
View from above #WLTree Diba
Ornament from the top of the tree #WLTree Diba
The star of the show #WLTree Diba
They are starting to unpack the tree. #WLTreeMark Diba
They are also starting to hang garlands from the fifth floor. #WLTreeMark Diba
Hanging the wreath over the fireplace #WLTree Diba
Crane being used for main tree construction as well as wreath hanging on hearth. #wltree
Blurry, but here are the tree branches. Sticks in just like my family’s artificial tree! #wltree
Um… Good luck with that. Diba
Laying wreaths to hang #WLTree Diba
Putting up a small tree #WLTree Diba
Scary! #WLTree Diba
Yes, crane man is about 10 feet shy of the ceiling, connecting chain to the hole in the ground. #wltree
Starting to construct the tree. #WLTree Diba
They are beginning to fit the pieces of the tree into the center pole.Mark Diba
We aren’t the only ones fascinated by this process… #WLTree Diba
Even the pool bar is getting some Christmas love! #WLTree Diba
Raising a section of the tree! Tree stand down below. #cultofWLtree #WLTree
Lowering the section and connecting it to pole F-P. #wltree
Ends of poles show different branch densities. One pole has 16 branches per row. Right top is F-P, left is n
The sheer amount of wires these guys are dealing with is incredible. I can’t imagine what light testing is going to be like. #WLTreeKendra
Bigger ornamental decorations like the antlers and dream catchers are being passed up and hung on now. #WLTree
Crane man hanging more cable from main columns. #WLTree
So @Dibadisney and I will have to bail soon so we can both go to work tomorrow. But now we know how the #WLTree is constructed!Kendra
Iโ€™m so sad to leave before the construction is finished, but I have to work tomorrow. Good night, Wilderness Lodge Christmas tree!Mark Diba
For reference, plugging in and decorating rows G-K has taken a little more than a half hour. #WLTreeKendra
At that rate, it’s around 2.5 hours of just plugging and chugging to complete the main tree sections, to borrow a math term. #WLTreeKendra
And now it’s time to say goodbye ๐Ÿ™ really glad I was lucky enough to see this much of the construction. So exciting!! #WLTreeKendra
Spoiler alert: THEY FINISH THE TREE! #WLTreeKendra
Cute decorated gatehouse says good night! #wltree Diba

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