Mouse Tech: Where’s My Holiday? App

Where's My HolidayIt’s the holidays, which means lots of semi-awkward family gatherings with tons of little kids running around and even more social landmines peppered about. Need a break? Or just something to distract all of those screaming mini-monsters? Check out the new Christmas-themed version of Where’s My Water?

Product Description
In the iTune’s App Store, the game is given a brief description, followed by a shill to upgrade to the full versions of Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry:

Where’s My Holiday features 12 exclusive holiday-themed levels starring Swampy and Perry! Swampy and Perry need help – are you up to the challenge?

Swampy is a little different than other alligators in the sewers and he loves to take showers! Cut through dirt and guide water to Swampy’s shower across six challenging levels but keep an eye out for algae, tricks and traps!

In Perry’s levels, use water in all its different forms – ice, steam and liquid – to solve the puzzles and to help Agent P get to headquarters. Even super-sleuths need help!

Where's My Holiday
Tune in for Swampy’s next adventure invading King’s Landing!

My Thoughts
With 12 levels, this iGame has about ten minutes of gameplay (maybe 20 for those obsessed with star collecting) that is consistent with other versions of the physics-based “Where’s My” puzzle games. In fact, it’s a great advertisement for the pay-for-play versions. If you enjoyed the other episodes in the franchise, then give this freebie a whirl. It’s an amusing way to spend time waiting in line at the store or distracting kids on a couch in a distant relative’s basement.

App Name: Where’s My Holiday (iTunes)
Developer: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications
Version: v1.0.1
Size: 45.8 MB
Available on: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (requires iOS 4.3 or later)
Price: Free!
Overall: It’s a fun, free holiday version of our favorite Disney game.