When The Food Court’s Away …

This past weekend, I spent a night at All-Star Music resort. The price was right. Partially because the hotel’s food court is closed for renovation.

While I can see how this would be a huge inconvenience to some people, I wasn’t too worried: I planned to grab a sit-down dinner at a different resort, and I knew I could always stop at the McDonald’s on the way out of All-Stars if breakfast was a necessity.

As it turned out, the a.m. contingency plan wasn’t required because Disney rolled out all the stops! And I do mean rolled!

That’s right: the Superstar Catering food truck–typically located at Downtown Disney–is serving breakfast at All-Star Music every day from 7-11 a.m. for the duration of refurbishment. The truck is parked near the Singing Spirits Pool Bar, just a short walk toward bongo drums.

But they’re only serving breakfast. Afterwards, they drive on over to Downtown Disney to serve up their standard menu of meatballs and … meatballs. Their morning fare is a bit more interesting:

Superstar Catering Breakfast Menu (At Disney Again)

I ordered the bacon, egg and cheese croissant, while Dan from At Disney Again went for the kielbasa and sausage gravy sandwich. We had a long drive ahead of us, so we also grabbed an order of donut holes for the road.

The croissant-wich was delightful. All of the components were hot and fresh, and the croissant was buttery, flaky and delicious.

I can’t eat sausage, but Dan reports that his sandwich was, “Oh god, so good.” It was the usual kielbasa, peppers and onions that you’d expect from a food truck, but it had a delicious breakfast twist: biscuits and gravy!

The donuts were delish–we both agreed that they’re better than Krispy Kreme.

As for the ordering process, the flow was remarkably simple: you walk up to the food truck where you’re greeted by a gregarious expediter. Tell him what you’d like, and two chefs in the kitchen will cook your food to order. The only thing you can’t get here? Coffee. You can order it and pay for it at Superstar Catering, but then you have to walk over to Singing Spirits to pick up your cuppa.

Rudy of Superstar Catering (At Disney Again)

The folks working on the truck were extremely kind and welcoming. The weather wasn’t too hot, so we were able to sit poolside with our meal and relax before starting the day. And it was super fun to visit the food truck–I still associate food trucks with special occasions, so it felt a good deal fancier than standing in line at a food court. All told, I’d definitely visit a Disney food truck again in a breakfast pinch.

For more photos from our visit, check out Dan’s full photo coverage on At Disney Again.

Have you visited Disney’s food trucks? What did you think of the food and service?


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