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I don’t know how it is possible, but I find Walt Disney World at night to be even more magical than the day time. From seeing the lights on Main Street to watching the flames rise during IllumiNations, Disney gets more beautiful and every time feels just as special as the first time I viewed them. Since I visit Disney on wheels, I wanted to give you a few tips and some of my favorite spots to view all of the Disney nighttime magic.

Reflections of Cinderella Castle (Disney on Wheels)

At the Magic Kingdom, it can be hard to see all of the nighttime spectaculars, Wishes; Magic, the Memories, and You; and the Main Street Electrical Parade, all at one time. Even though there is a wheelchair seating area for the parade in the Hub, it is not the best place to view the fireworks or Magic, the Memories, and You. 

Magic The Memories and You (Disney on Wheels)
My suggestion: split them up. I love watching the parade in Liberty Square or the wheelchair viewing area near Main Street Station. For Magic, the Memories, and You, the Hub behind Walt and Mickey’s statue is a great spot, especially if you want to combine it with Wishes. Near the stage in front of the Castle is also good but you can’t take in as many of the fireworks. If there are multiple parades on the night you visit, you can still split everything up easily if you watch the second parade.

Illuminations (Disney on Wheels)

At Epcot there are several wheelchair areas to view IllumiNations. My favorite is the one in Germany. Yes, that may have something to do with its proximity to Karamell Kuche, but I love seeing IllumiNations with Spaceship Earth in the background. Just keep in mind that you need to get there at least an hour in advance to secure a spot. If you don’t want to spend that time waiting, head over to Canada. It is not an official spot, but if you head to the top of the pavilion, you get a pretty good view of everything without having to camp out for a spot.

My biggest tip is to make sure you take in all of these shows at least once. Preferably with some Disney popcorn. Trust me. Popcorn makes the shows even more magical.

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Melissa is a Disney enthusiast and geek who happens to experience life from a wheelchair. She lives in Georgia with her husband Drew and blogs about the many ways Disney allows her to feel like any other guest (not like a guest in a wheelchair) at Disney on Wheels.

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