Pinthusiasm: What’s Your Sign?


Did you see the awesome new Hidden Mickey zodiac pins posted on Disney Parks Blog this week?

Zodiac Hidden Mickey Series. Photo from Disney Parks Blog.


Not only are they adorable, they’re also sort of spot on!

As a Scorpio, the Cheshire Cat is right on the money: secretive, serpentine and intense. Simba as a Leo cracks me up: not only is he warm, loyal and stubborn, he’s also sort of vain and proud (see: “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”), just like any other Leo!

My middle sister loves Ariel and is very much a Pisces, just as I imagine Ariel would be: predictably unpredictable and compassionate with an amazing imagination. And how perfect: a water sign for a mermaid!  (Edited to add: my sister informs me that she’s a Capricorn. I still think she’s a soul-Pisces, deal with it, little sis!)

As for me, this fair and extroverted Libra feels well represented by Goofy on the scales. Of all the Fab Five, I’ve always most naturally gravitated toward Goofy, and like him, I’m clumsy, eccentric and just a little goofy.

What’s your sign? And does it match up with your pin? Let us know in the comments below.

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