What a View: Japan

During a recent trip to WDW, I found myself alone in the World Showcase, and I decided to circle the Lagoon and spend at least 10 minutes in each country, looking for one thing that makes me super happy.

So I did.

I found something in each country that filled me with delight, and I snapped a photo. And I’ve been sharing them with you, one each week. This is week five. Japan.

I have a love/hate relationship with Japan. I LOVE spending hours in the department store. But I HATE that there’s not really much to do there other than shop (or gawk at products I have no intention of buying).

Japan Pavilion (Mouse on the Mind)With nothing to do and not much to see (beyond Hello Kitty and teapots), the only thing I really love about Japan is the little koi pond and waterfall on the Pavilion’s upper terrace. It can get busy during the meal rush, but most of the time, this little slice of heaven is fairly quiet.

Except for the ducks. Oh, I can’t tell you the number of run-ins I’ve had with brazen Epcot ducks sitting here, silently cursing myself for bothering to order food from Katsura Grill again, when … there they are! Quacking and begging more aggressively than my own spoiled mutt.

There’s something really comforting … and really terrifying … about it.


What’s your favorite detail in the Morocco Pavilion? Let us know in the comments!

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