What a View: France

During a recent trip to WDW, I found myself alone in the World Showcase, and I decided to circle the Lagoon and spend at least 10 minutes in each country, looking for one thing that makes me super happy.

So I did.

I found something in each country that filled me with delight, and I snapped a photo. And I’ve been sharing them with you, one each week. This is week three, which means we’ve crossed the bridge to France.

France door knocker detail (Mouse on the Mind)This door knocker is at the entrance to France’s attraction, Impressions de France. I have literally no idea the significance of the lion in French architecture, but I do know it comes up a lot, especially in fountains. I just really love how this particular lion has a wonky eye and concerned brow. Maybe someone will come along and explain why he’s there and why he’s so awesome. But until then, I’m just going to let this guy give me the giggles.

What’s your favorite detail in the France Pavilion? Let us know in the comments!