What a View: African Outpost

Last fall, I found myself alone in the World Showcase. Totally alone (with thousands of  tourists). So I walked around, found something in each country that made me experience a moment of happiness … and snapped a photo.  I’ve been sharing them with you, one each week. This week … NOT A COUNTRY!

Africa Outpost (Mouse on the Mind)

These amazing drums are, as you probably know, at the Africa Outpost. I just love. love. love. them. Not only are they beautiful and intricate and amazing, they also add a bit of kinetic energy to the area: a fun way for kids and adults to let out some energy and excitement, to make themselves heard, to jam to the beat of their own Epcot.

I really love this whole non-Pavilion. From the recycled map beads to the awesome Coke details … it’s just an awesome super great space. And I’ve spent several afternoons huddled under the umbrellas in the seating-area during downpours. And even more sunny afternoons enjoying a drink. Because heaven.

Melissa with Brown Elephant - 2013 Food and Wine (At Disney Again)

See? It’s love.

What’s your favorite detail at the Outpost? Let us know in the comments!