Welcome to Pandora

As a “member of the press,” I get lots of neat perks, like the ability to try lots of new snack foods before they hit stores and get invited to Disney PR events. A few weeks ago, I received one such invitation, and this one is a jaw-dropper, folks.

The enclosed invitation offers an outline of my itinerary on the Alpha Centauri Expeditions-led tour of Pandora, including visiting with Pandora experts and a special showing of the planet’s bioluminescence.

Also included: A Pandora Field Guide, which outlines the culture and traditions of the Na’vi as well as the flora and fauna of the planet. The guide also offers a beginner’s guide to the language.

Best detail of all: A thick package at the bottom of the envelope contains a small, electronic screen. That plays a movie when you open it.

I didn’t attend the event–it was last week. During the official opening, of course!

I have been trying to stay spoiler free / I am pretty meh about the whole thing … I’m pretty sure my big-lady thighs are going to prevent me from riding Flight of Passage (which I keep confusing with Flights of Wonder). Plus, Avatar. Yuck.

But seriously. This is really the funnest, most inspired invitation I’ve ever seen.

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