Weekly Round Up: October 15

South of the Border (by At Diisney Again)Howdy! Spent a crazy, whirlwind weekend in South Carolina with At Disney Again, and we had so much fun … and took some great Disney adjacent photos that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks!

Until then, I have so much to do before my amazing upcoming Food and Wine trip … so let’s get to the links so I can get back to preparing. And drooling over the Avatarland drawings. Because … wow!

One Little Spark of Inspiration
The Disney Hipsters tried the delicious new French twist on an ice cream sandwich in Epcot. YUM!

Kim reveals some new dessert options at Be Our Guest for Disney Food Blog. I don’t love BoG … but there’s a fancy new take on THE GREY STUFF THAT I MUST TRY.

My favorite photo blogger, At Disney Again, reviewed Princess Fairytale Hall for This Happy Place Blog.

My second favorite photo blogger, Cameron, also shared some pics from the newest Magic Kingdom meet and greet on  Disney Dweller.

Scott from Beers and Ears shares some Disney World souvenirs for beer drinkers!

Love the Muppets? Sarah from Running at Disney looks at their home at Disney’s California Adventure for This Happy Place Blog.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!