Weekly Round Up: May 5

Melissa in Times Square Toys R Us (At Disney Again)
Me, in the Times Square Toys R Us

This weekend, I was feeling a little under the weather (stupid change of weather plaguing my sinuses!), but Dan and I had tickets to see Chris Hardwick on Saturday night, so I rested up most of the day, and I felt well enough to laugh a lot (both during the show and while we explored the Times Square Toys R Us), which is the best medicine, after all.

I can’t believe it’s been less than a week since I saw Age of Ultron! Dan and I went to a Thursday night IMAX showing, and we totally absolutely loved it. Yes, it was bloated and spent way too much time setting up the future of the Marvel franchise. But it was also joyously fun, unabashedly inspiring and about 90% Joss Whedon, which made me really happy. I recommend it highly if you haven’t seen it yet.

In super fun blogger news, next Wednesday, May 13, we’re rolling out another edition of Kill Refurb Marry, this time the topic is Extinct Attractions. So many possibilities!! Will you play?

What are you up to?

One Little Spark of Inspiration
James, half of the team who believes Home Is Where The Mouse Is, lists the top 10 Disney moms. Just in time for Mother’s Day!

Sarah revisited Trader Sam’s and reported back on how it’s doing on Eating WDW.

Ryan, who is EIC of Main Street Gazette, reminisced about West Center Street.

Rosanne has an epic and important rant about bullying cast members on The Disney Point. Someone needed to say it, and I am glad she did!

Mindy, who’s Inspired by Dis, made some awesome pinata Mickey ears in honor of today’s celebration!

Nicole shared a unique birds-eye view of Walt Disney World on Sparkly Ever After.

Emma, who lives life with A Pinch of Pixie Dust, is relaxing around Animal Kingdom Lodge. Wish I could join her!

Penny shares her advice for first time cruisers on One Penny Tourist (and I feel a little like she’s writing just for me!).

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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