Weekly Round Up: June 26

Blog Round Up 6/26 | Mouse on the MindToday marks our 25th Disney blog round up. We’re still gobsmacked by how many wonderful friends visit to read about our adventures week after week and how many new friends we’re making all the time. THANK YOU to everyone who’s on this Disney adventure with us … but …

Sometimes, you just need a little change of pace. For the rest of the week, Mouse on the Mind becomes Kozmo on the Mind as we write exclusively about Knoebels Amusement Resort, from why we love it to how we remember it to where to find some Disney magic.

We’ll get back to The Mouse next week. Until then, I hope you’ll join us as we visit a charming, dog-friendly resort in Pennsylvania.

What’s your favorite non-Disney amusement park?

Us … Elsewhere
Melissa Sue wrote a guest post on This Happy Place Blog about her favorite non-Disney Disney songs. It’s a great playlist!

On The Suitcase Scholar, Tracy wrote about San Francisco’s City Pass as well as the new Amster-ban on drug tourism.

Our Favorites This Week
The Mary Sue
shared a first look at Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. We share their sentiment: WHOA.

Yummy: Sarah hung out at Old Key West recently, and she’s got our mouths absolutely watering!! She shared some delicious cocktails from the Gurgling Suitcase and some apps from Olivia’s on Eating WDW.

Disney Insider Jeff Kurtti writes an endearing piece about Walt’s favorite foods. His simple food style seems so quaint in the Top Chef world of 2012!

Holy cow: Richard Tepestra (aka Designerland) has another amazing t-shirt design this week. How amazing would it be to wear these for Epcot’s 30th?!?!

I love Josh’s charming and honest review of Flying Fish Cafe on Easy WDW.

On Touring Plans Blog, Todd wrote about his experience as an agent with the Organization Without a Cool Acronym. Lisa also reviewed the game on The Affordable Mouse.

Want to see something totally adorable? Head to Growing Up Disney, where they’re making Mickey Ears part of their family tradition.

Disney Food Blog guest writer Marilyn wrote about some new food options available in Animal Kingdom. Can’t wait to try them!!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom The Blog wrote about how to make the most of SotMK during the busy summer months.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!