Weekly Round Up: July 29

Towel Minnie (Mouse on the Mind)Happy Tuesday!

I’m a little conflicted about this Soarin news … I mean, does it need a new film? Yes. Does it need a new theatre … well, no. I mean, why? WHY?

There doesn’t seem to be anything noticably wrong with the ride vehicles. They don’t often breakdown. Why can’t we get a new attraction? (Maybe in the Wonders of Life Pavilion?) Or upgrade an attraction that actually needs it? (Like … ehem … Ellen’s Lethargy Adventure?) It boggles.

But, hey: Haunted Mansion store in Magic Kingdom. So that’s awesome.

One Little Spark of Inspiration
The boys made merry with the Royal Majesty Makers on Disney Hipster Blog.

Miss Emma of A Pinch of Pixie Dust enjoys some pie from California. Yuu-uuuummm!

TeeVeeTee continues his brilliant series with the saddest story of all on Parkeology.

Estelle of This Happy Place Blog makes her happy holiday to-do list. (For more Christmas in July fun, check out Melissa’s festive list on Rolling with the Magic.)

Dan shares magical Hollywood Studios fireworks on At Disney Again.

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