Weekly Round Up: July 1

Hollywood Studios parking (Mouse on the Mind)
Love these parking lot icons …

Sorry for the missing links post this past week. With Dan from At Disney Again moving in last week, things got a little hectic. But hectic in a really great way.

(Have you seen our joint post on La Cava? They let us in to shoot the bar before opening, and I took a lot of the photos here! I was shooting with the EOS M.)

In non-Melissa’s life news … I was excited and sort of disappointed to read that Cinderella’s Royal Table is going down for refurb. I’ve never eaten there (at least not that I remember). I’m sure it needs the refurb, and I’ll be excited to visit it once it’s all new and pretty. But it’s kinda sucky that I never got to see it.

But those closest to me will know how ECSTATIC I am that they’ve moved Snow White off of East Center Street and onto the front porch of Town Square Theatre. It might make Town Square a total nightmare … but at least my happiest place will be face-character free and blissfully quiet once more.

Speaking of quiet, I hope you’re enjoying the day and have some time to dig into these greatest Disney reads.

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Yup, Center Street is one of my favorite spots, and KJ from Plus the Magic shares some lovely photos and atmosphere.

Beth shared an amazing, incredible Adventureland experience at The Disney Family Museum on Any Happy Little Thoughts.

Emma, who lives with A Pinch of Pixie Dust, shares photos from a totally empty Magic Kingdom.

Sarah, who writes for Touring Plans Blog, catalogs the best potties at Disney World. I consider myself a quiet restroom pro, but she has one even I have never visited!!

Nicole posted up some more hand-drawn Starbucks menus from the Glendale Creative Campus on Sparkly Ever After.

Estelle, who writes This Happy Place Blog, got me all excited for Girl Meets World. (I so so so so loved the first episode! It needs to lose the laugh track, tho … )

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!