Weekly Round Up: January 28

Melissa with Pyramid Cream Beer - 2013 Food and Wine (At Disney Again)Happy Link Day!

It’s going to be a quick and dirty one this week … I accidentally drank an energy drink (long story) yesterday around 2 p.m., and it totally took me out of the game for about 7 hours. Seriously. (I am so old.)

As a result, you get links on the quick.

Also! A quick shout out and Birthday wish to Rebecca of Disney With Me! It’s her first blogiversary!

Let It Go: Frozen Links
Visit Miss Emma at A Pinch of Pixie Dust to meet Anna on the Disney Dream.

Visit Jake of the Mickey Mutineers for a look at Frozen, unnecessarily censored.

Visit Nicole at Sparkly Ever After for some amazing Frozen-inspired tattoos.

Visit Nicole at Pink Elephant on Parade because SHE ACTUALLY MET ELSA AND ANNA!!!

One Little Spark
Visit At Disney Again for a close up look at the inner workings of the Magic Band.

Visit Leah at The Magical World Of for an interesting exploration of Walt and his so-called bigotry.

Visit Estelle and This Happy Place Blog for the Muppety-scoop on the Super Bowl.

Visit The Mary Sue for some sketches of gender-bending Disney princesses.

Visit Jen of Epbot for an amazing pair of upcycled Haunted Mansion Mickey ears.

Visit Melissa, who’s Rolling with the Magic, for her first time at Artist Point.

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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