Weekly Round Up: February 16

Wading Elephants (At Disney Again)Happy Tuesday! And farewell to Zooey and Pickles … Dan and I have been wondering when this little shop would be removed to make way for a new store, and now (thanks to our lovely friend Steven) we know what’s taking its place!

I’m extremely excited that Club Villain has been extended into March … not because I will get a chance to go … but because if it get extended into April, I will be able to check it out. And that fills me with a stupid amount of excitement. (Not loving the bigger price tag …)

Did you read about the Cuban migrants who were picked up by the Wonder? Hell of a way to be picked up at sea!! I can’t help but wonder (lol!) if they were able to enjoy anything the ship has to offer before they were turned over to the authorities. I hope they at least were able to take in a show and enjoy a Mickey bar.

What are you up to? And what Disney news has you interested?

One Little Spark of Inspiration
Take an interesting and educational (in a fun way!) walk through Dinoland with Ryan from Main Street Gazette.

The boys of Disney Hipster Blog show off some really unique art from their recent cruise and discover my favorite drink in EPCOT.

On A Pinch of Pixie Dust, Emma takes a bite out of Simba’s newest cupcake. (I looooove the wrapper on the Tree of Life treat here!)

Becky, who aims to add a little Disney In Your Day, has some stories for the romantically inclined during this season of love.

James has a crazy-cool how-to guide with everything you need to make a very cool Disney souvenir on Home Is Where The Mouse Is.

On Disney Nouns, Lee shares an awesome collection of Disney photos. (I’d killllllll for that Goofy rotary-style phone!)

What are you reading this week?? Let us know in the comments!

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