Wednesday, February 29th: One More Disney Day!!!

Day at a Glance:  24 Hours in the Magic Kingdom!  Crystal Palace 12:05, Ohana 5:20


We'll be here way past the stroke of midnight!

It’s Leap Day, which means 24 hours of Disney magic!  Melissa and Tracy are using this day to enjoy two great meals and many, many hours in the Magic Kingdom.  After making rope drop at 6 in the morning, the pair shall generally romp about the Magic Kingdom, reveling in the excess of time available to them.  Because Tracy has never enjoyed a character meal, lunch will be had at Crystal Palace, whilst shaking hands with Pooh and Eeyore. [Melissa’s note: I plan to hug them.] 

A nap will be in order after lunch, but alarms will be set for dinner at Ohana at 5:20 p.m. (as a side note, Tracy is becoming super amused by the precise times given for meals.  Where else in the world does one make a reservation for 5:20?  Or 1:25?  Or anything other than on or half past the hour???)  And then it’s back to the Magic Kingdom for the ENTIRE EVENING.  This day really should count as two days, at least in Tracy’s opinion. [Melissa’s note: I agree. We’re going to do so much!! Ride all the rides. Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Meet all of the Citizens of Main Street. Meet every single person we’ve ever talked to online … and some we didn’t! I am so excited.]