Castles and Dreams: Warm Up at WDW

I’ll be contributing to the new Castles and Dreams Travel blog once each month, offering tips and tricks for making the most of your Disney vacation. Check out my first set of tips below. 

Cold at Hollywood Studios
Wearing our sweatshirts in Hollywood Studios.

As unbelievable as it sounds, sometimes it gets cold in Walt Disney World. Earlier this month, the mercury hit 55 degrees and vacationers grumbled—but that was nothing! In December 2010, as my husband and I celebrated our honeymoon with the Mouse, temperatures dipped into the 30s. It was so cold that we even bought overpriced Disney sweatshirts.

Unto even The Most Magical Place on Earth, a little frost must fall. Lucky for you, you’ll be a savvy traveler once you finish reading this list of the top places to warm up on an unseasonably cold day in Walt’s Orlando playground.

Magic Kingdom
A lot of the Magic Kingdom is open to the elements, including the queues, shows and many of the attractions themselves. But never fear: Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Fantasyland is heartwarming on even the coldest of days. There is never much of a line—mostly the longest you’ll wait is the time until the next show. Even in that, you’ll be totally indoors!

Or you can let Jose and friends warm your bones with their tropical serenade in Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room in Adventureland. There’s almost never a line, and the waiting area is partially enclosed when there is. Once you get past the pre-show, the 15-minute attraction has plenty of seats, and singing along is encouraged! Snuggle up, raise your voice and make sure you give the boys a standing ovation.

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