Saturday Something: Waffles

Saturdays are the best days. You get to sleep in. Wear pjs long after you probably should have put real pants on. Hang out with family and friends. All good things.

Initially, this “Saturday Something” series was meant to highlight stuff I love as much as I love lazy Saturdays, and while I think I’ve done a pretty good job of sticking to that philosophy, I realize there’s something I’ve been neglecting: waffles.

Mickey Waffle from the Contempo Cafe

A delicious Mickey Waffle from the Contempo Cafe

Not only are they the perfect lazy Saturday food, but they’re also literally one of the best things ever invented by mankind. This is well-trod ground, and we’ve written about the Mouse on the Mind love affair with waffles before: making them at home, enjoying them covered in toppings and savoring their sweetness at The Boardwalk.

It’s that last waffle I really dream about: a deliciously perfect concoction from Cat Cora’s Greek-inspired restaurant, Kouzzina. And it turns out, I am not alone! This week, two of my favorite Disney bloggers also wrote about the Classic Golden Waffle on the breakfast menu, and I wanted to share their thoughts with you:

Classic Waffle at Kouzzina

The Classic Waffle at Kouzzina is ah. may. zing.

Over at Disney on Wheels, Melissa had this to say about this dreamy delight:

My favorite item on the breakfast menu is the Classic Golden Waffle. I seriously love this waffle. It is the only thing that has come close to rivaling my love for Disney cheese danishes. It comes drizzled with honey, chopped pecans, and is topped with whipped mascarpone cheese. They also give you butter and syrup on the side but I have never used them. It also typically comes with either bacon or chicken sausage but you can get a fruit cup if you want to go the vegetarian route. This photo makes the waffle look a little on the well done side but trust me it’s perfect and yummy.

Read more about Melissa’s awesome breakfast experience at this all-too-infrequently visited spot.

Sarah from Running At Disney also shared her breakfast story, although hers was a little different:

So off to Kouzzina we went.  I told our server that I had a few food allergies and he got the chef right away.  I absolutely LOVE how accommodating Disney is with this.  The chef will always come to the table and discuss the menu with you and recommend what you can and can’t eat.  I asked him about the waffles and he said he could definitely make those for me.  They would come prepared as the regular waffles on the menu with marscapone cheese, pecans and honey…YUM!

Read more about her gluten-free breakfast at the Boardwalk Inn.

I strongly believe that, when we’re talking waffles, there’s always room for more! So tell me about your favorite waffle in Walt Disney World in the comments below. And I’ll try to keep from drooling on the keyboard.

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