Love: What I Learned From Disney

Disney couples

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

I hope you remembered to buy your sweetie some chocolates or flowers … or maybe an awesome Mickey Ear Hat? (That’s always what I want. Flowers die, but Mickey is forever.)

If you’re in the mood for love today, I hope you’ll head over to This Happy Place Blog, where my pal Estelle and several of our most well-written friends have been putting out a series of really sweet posts about Disney couples.

Here, I have no sweetness for you. Instead, I have a list of things about love that I learned from Disney:

Play (Really) Hard To Get
Cinderella knows where it’s at: she meets a man, gives him her best seductive eyes, and then she’s out, leaving only the tiniest clue of who she is and where to find her. Guys love that stuff! Prince Charming literally goes out of his mind trying to find her, falling more and more in love with her every step of the way. (Tip: if it seems like your phone isn’t ringing as much as it could be, it’s just because your clues are so good! Just wait it out. Never, ever make the first move.)

Cinderella and Prince Charming
So this is love?

Change Everything About Him
Once your Prince finds you, make it your life’s mission to change everything about him. Belle taught me that. Your new love interest should probably dress better, be more polite, and completely change his personality. If he seems resistant or growls a lot, don’t worry. He really wants you to change him! Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes. Or just watch Beauty and the Beast again. The Cursed Prince loves every second of his transformation.

The Beast
He couldn’t look happier!

He’s a Liar. It’s Okay.
Dudes lie. Like, all the time. Probably about everything. But it’s okay! Princess Jasmine has taught us that as long as your man’s intentions are good, it’s not even a problem if every word out of his mouth is a lie. If he’s living a double life, even better! This is one thing about your dude you don’t want to change. Just appreciate life with him for the absolutely terrifying carpet ride that it is!

Aladdin: Liar
Compulsive Liar?! Win!!

Give It Up
It doesn’t matter how you define “It.” Whether its career ambitions, a tight knit family or anything you truly value in life: Give them up! Ariel gives up her family. Mulan gives up her fight. Pocahontas gives up her entire world. The only princess who doesn’t give up her “it” is Tiana. But let’s be honest … Naveen is sort of the worst prince ever. (We don’t want him!) The lesson is simple: When your new prince tries to take you away from it all, let him.

She’s waving goodbye to everything she knows.

You’ll Live Happily Ever After
Once you’ve found him, seduced him, changed him and given up everything for him, everything’s going to be easy! You’re going to have an amazing, over-the-top wedding, ride a carriage off into the sunset and never, ever fight! Your dad might even make a rainbow with his trident, but at the very least, all of your friends (subjects … whatever) will be happy and supportive, and there’ll be a ton of clapping just for you. Yay! You win at life!!

Ariel and Eric's Wedding
Happily Ever After?

What’s the best tip you’ve picked up from your favorite Disney Princess? It doesn’t even have to be sarcastic!