Castles and Dreams: Unique Souvenir Shops

I’ll be contributing to the new Castles and Dreams Travel blog once each month, offering tips and tricks for making the most of your Disney vacation.

Stage One Company Store
One of my favorite places to shop.

Please allow me to drop a stereotype bomb on you: I am a girl. And I kind of hate shopping. Crazy, right?

There are, though, some exceptions to this fact when I am on vacation. I love kitschy tourist shops and roadside attractions, and I like to take a spin around the store at the resort. And, of course, no trip to Disney World would be complete without buying at least one souvenir. (Mine is usually an Epcot tee-shirt, if we’re being honest.)

But if I am going to venture into a store—even at the most magical place on earth—it had better be pretty awesome. So here are (in no particular order) my favorite unique places to shop at Walt Disney World:

Morocco Pavilion Shops (Epcot, World Showcase)
Step off the streets where Aladdin and Jasmine could have walked and into this series of open-air markets. Actually four different shops, the stores flow into one another like a real market—and everything smells delicious. Here, you’ll find traditional jewelry and clothing as well as absolutely beautiful decorative items, like lanterns, mirrors and crafts. This isn’t your typical Mickey stuff, for sure, but you’ll find something lovely and unique.

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