Saturday Something: Tumblr is Super Fun

A couple of weeks ago, I shared one of my favorite new Disney-themed tumblrs: Disney Parks Sex Confessions. It is awesome, sexy fun, but I realized that there are a bunch of tumblrs that I follow that you might also enjoy. Many that are even #SFW. And you should know about them too. So, without further ado, here are three (plus one) other tumblrs that I love:

A Top-Notch Reaction GIF Tumblr

It’s a not-very-well-kept secret that I love to laugh. And gifs … well, they’re just about the highest form of humor (second only to puns). Especially when they’re being used to illustrate a comedic reaction.

Which is why today, I am proclaiming my love for #WhenAtDisney, a super fun tumblr that takes a super amazing Disney thing and uses pop culture-inspired gifs to illustrate how Disney fans react to said amazing Disney thing.

It’s all very technical. Or not. But it is definitely funny.

A Meme-tastic Tumblr
You’ll have to go to the tumblr to see the whole joke …

Everyone loves a meme. Especially my friend Peppy. He loves them so much, in fact, that he has an entire tumblog devoted to writing hilarious little bon mots on photos … with a Disney spin. His jokes are a bit insidery and very much geared toward the sarcastic, hilarious Disney fan community that I am proud to be part of. If you haven’t enjoyed them yet, I recommend it highly. Especially if you like Disney dogs. But if you’d prefer a more classic take on Disney memes, check out Disney Memes Business, too!

For Wasting Time and Money
Must … buy … all … the … stuff

If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe includes more Disney shirts than non-Disney shirts and there’s a good chance there’s a little bit of Disney hidden (if not out in plain view) in every room of your house. Because … stuff … and … Disney. There’s nothing better. And the Heck Yeah Disney Merch tumblr combines my love of stuff and Disney, sharing sanctioned and unsanctioned Disney merch from around the world. Squee!!

So what are your favorite Disney tumblrs? Let us know in the comments below so we can follow and share!