Tuesday, February 28th: Official Meetup Day!

Day at a Glance: Animal Kingdom in the morning followed by Epcot in the evening, Passporter Meet Up at 6:00 p.m. behind the UK pavilion, drinks at Cava de Tequila with Heather and company before Illuminations

Join us in Epcot tonight!

Melissa and Tracy will be spending the morning and afternoon in Animal Kingdom, followed by an evening in Epcot.  Oddly, the two do not have any dining reservations for the entire day, though they plan to have lunch in Animal Kingdom (perhaps at Tracy’s favorite place, Restaurantosaurus!  But probably not, because they’ve both already dined here before.)  Dinner is not an issue either, because a Passporter slash Mouse on the Mind meet up is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the Fish and Chips place in the UK pavilion.  What Melissa doesn’t know is that Tracy doesn’t eat fish and chips.  [Melissa’s note: WHAT?! I didn’t know! Why did we decide to meet there?? You silly bunny!] 

The other thing Melissa doesn’t know is that contrary to her plans to ‘be back at the resort and in bed by a reasonable hour’, Tracy fully intends to meet Heather at Cava de Tequila before watching Illuminations with her drink-as-dinner beverage in hand.  Melissa is welcome to join them.  And Tracy bets she will. [Melissa’s note: Heather told me all about it … I probably will go to bed. What Tracy doesn’t know is that Melissa’s planning to get to Magic Kingdom by 4:30 a.m. on Leap Day!]