Saturday Something: Trivia Queen

Trivia Time at the North East Meet Up
That’s me, leading trivia at the Cornerstone Lounge

The rumors are flying, and according to some of you, my first foray into the role of Trivia Goddess was totally brutal.

But you guys! I really didn’t think the questions were too hard!

And certainly the folks from “Don’t Sit on Your Backscratcher” and “Tiggers in Paris” (the two winning teams) didn’t think so either.

I think my questions were appropriately hard for a room full of self-professed Disney Geeks. So I’ve posted the questions below. (And I’ll post the answers in the comments.)

What do you think? Too hard?

North East Disney Meet Up Mind-Bendingly Awesome Trivia

  1. How many people does Disney World employ in 2013?
  2. How much was a single general admission adult ticket to the Magic Kingdom in 1971?
  3. What does the Jungle Cruise crew eat for lunch on Fridays?
  4. What song would be played by the musical notes seen across the registration desk at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort-French Quarter?
  5. What Company was the original sponsor of “The Land” in EPCOT when it first opened?
  6. What does Anandapur mean?
  7. What year did Disney introduce magnetic strips onto their ticket media?
  8. Name two C ticket attractions from the early 1970s Magic Kingdom.
  9. Where will a boat with a green flag take you if you board at the Magic Kingdom?
  10. According to his “Wanted” poster in Frontierland, what will Brer Bear threaten to do to you?
  11. Flying Fish Café is on the Boardwalk, but where can you find Flying Fish Arcade?
  12. There is a reference to Shakespeare in the Haunted Mansion. What play is it from?
  13. Where can you read the phrase “the fourth season’s concerto in sea major”??
  14. TIE BREAKER: How many regulation tennis balls would fit into the tennis ball icon at All Star Sports?

Just FYI: No one got numbers 10 and 11, and we did have to employ the tie breaker …

Huge points to Keith (of Disney Hipster Podcast fame) for pointing out that the answer to the tie breaker could be “six,” because he could comfortably fit six tennis balls in that thing. (I gave him a prize for spunk, but expect my questions to be even more specifically worded next time!)

And even more points to Natalie and her amazing son … dude knew more answers than a lot of the adults in the room. And he looks better in a Disney Hipsters tee-shirt than I do.

How many did you get right?? Let us know in the comments. And no cheating or I will personally kick your ass out of this bar!! 

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