My End of Trip Tradition: San Angel Inn

Whether it’s heading to Epcot on the first day or making sure to say ‘farewell’ to the castle on the last, it seems that everyone has a Disney World tradition.

I don’t feel especially tied to a specific park or time. I go where it makes sense to go when it makes sense to go there. I take pride in that. My touring plans are dictated by crowd levels and evening entertainment.

Or they were. Until September.

During my first trip to WDW with Tracy just six months ago, we ended our stay with a quick lunch at San Angel Inn. We didn’t have an ADR (we’d planned to be in Downtown Disney), but we were quickly seated and served.

Over the course of the meal, I drank too much and ate not enough. I walked out of the Mexico pavilion tipsier than I’d like to admit. But I arrived at the airport happier than I usually feel when I have to leave Orlando.

In December, as Rob and I prepared to say goodbye to The World, we found ourselves hungry, depressed and tired in Epcot. We needed a pick me up. Preferably in the form of delicious food.

Again, we didn’t have an ADR. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with Disney Dining trying to find an opening—anywhere—to no avail. Remembering my success in September, we headed into Mexico.

Once again, we were quickly seated and served. And it was delicious. We rolled ourselves out of that temple of deliciousness full and happy, ready to take on the trip home.

As you know, Tracy and I have been in Disney World together all week, but tomorrow is our last day. The last thing on our to-do list for this trip is San Angel Inn. This time we have an ADR. We’re going to ask for a table on the river and order big, honking margaritas.

I still feel like I’m not the kind of person who has a “trip tradition,” but why fight it? Riding down El Rio Del Tiempo with a belly full of tequila makes leaving Walt Disney World a little bit easier. And I’m all for that.


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