Top 10 of 2013

2014 Disney logoHappy New Year, everyone!!

There’s something so wonderful about the fact that Tracy and I started Mouse on the Mind right before the new year–it feels very appropriate to look back over the last 365-ish days during the anniversary of the first month we started this blog rolling.

In honor of that backward glance, let’s look back at the top ten stories of 2013 (as told by our Jetpack analytics):

1. In Defense of the Avatar Expansion

Frequent 2013 guest blogger, Joshua Blum, wrote a well-thought defense of the soon-coming new area of Animal Kingdom. Turns out, a lot of YOU either agree with him … or at least were interested in hearing the other side of the argument.

2. Saturday Something: Disney Parks Sex Confessions
This was the most absolutely surprising discovery of 2014–both in terms of originally finding Disney Parks Sex Confessions … and then, six months later, finding that my readers are as weird, sick and twisted as I am. Nice! (I promise I won’t start working blue for better hits.)

3. Tracing the Tower of Terror to the Twilight Zone
Another awesome post by Joshua! Here, he scours the Hollywood Tower Hotel in search of references to his favorite episodes of the Twilight Zone and finds some interesting ones!

4. Quick Bite: Affogato at Italy’s Gelato Cart
Oh man! So glad this delicious bite came up in the list … because it reminded me that I have to stop there sometime soon. Hashtag yum!

5. Mouse Style: Ear Hats, Yo!
It cracks me up that this is here … basically, me. Wearing a variety of Mickey Ear and Disney-themed hats. Awesome and hilarious. And really not worth being number five on the list!

6. Mouse Man
Now HERE is what I expected to see on this list! An absolutely amazing guest post by Jeff Birou of Lance + Jeff about how he learned to love Disney after getting a little grinchy.

7. Imagineering Awesome: Tiana’s Place
I am really surprised … not that the amazing Becky Ginther of Disney in Your Day made the list (I think she made last year’s list, too), but that this was the ONLY Imagineering Awesome post that made this list!

8. That Time I Got a Free Mickey Bar
Not quite two months old, this post about a bit of Disney magic I experienced one evening at the Sunset Ranch Market.

9. I’m Getting a MagicBand!: How to Customize Yours
This quick how-to post has had a lot of visitors in the past three months. Hopefully it’s helped a lot of you prepare for your MagicBanded trips!

10. Love: What I Learned From Disney
What I learned from this post: you all love sarcasm! This one still makes me chuckle a little … of course, now I’ll have to top it for this coming February …

So what was your favorite Disney moment–here at Mouse on the Mind or beyond–this past year? Let us know in the comments! 

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