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I finally, finally, finally sat down to watch The Pirate Fairy, and I am so glad that I did. As predicted, Christina Hendricks (as the Pirate Fairy Zarina) and Tom Hiddleston (as a very young Captain Hook) were excellent—he’s the perfect evil pirate, and she’s totally believable as a mischievous but well-meaning pixie.

But I loved the story much more than I expected to. It starts out like any of the Tinker Bell adventures—a little simple and silly. But about halfway through, it becomes an origin story of sorts. By the end, baby Tick Tock has snacked on the infamous clock and begins his battle of wits with Captain James Hook.

Tick Toc Croc

As cannon, it fits into the Peter Pan myth quite well … and even if you don’t accept it as cannon, it’s still a great piece of pre-Peter Pan lore.

This was also the first musical from the fairies series … and the music is so great! Really catchy and fun. Check it:

And in the end, I even sort of liked Zarina’s lesson. It turns out, she was right and the “grownups” were wrong. Which is great for instilling confidence and encouraging kids to follow their dreams however “silly” they might seem to someone else … but at the same time, taken at face value, it’s a lesson that could easily backfire in your face. Can you imagine a kid deciding that the Shop Teacher doesn’t know what he’s talking about? Could be dangerous.

But let’s try not to overthink. It’s a fun movie–and worth a watch, even with a kid.

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