To-Dis To-Do List, Fall 2012

It’s September, and with this glorious month comes TWO trips to WDW. You read that right! Two!

In just a few days, my husband and I will spend a long weekend in the World during our annual anniversary trip. And then, later in the month, I’ll join a great group of fellow Disney-philles for Epcot’s 30th birthday and a little event we’re calling Selgapalooza.

I cannot wait.

Last time I put together a to-do list for a Disney World trip, it didn’t go so well. Out of three “new to me” attractions on my list, I only managed to complete one. This time, I am going to do everything on my list, even if it means not sleeping!

Cinderella Castle in October

In The Magic Kingdom
Meet the Citizens of Main Street
This has been on my to-do list forever. I just love these goofy character actors, but the lure of attractions further down the street always proves to be too great. This time, I am going to slow down.

Experience the Kiss Goodnight
This has been on my to-do list for the past 5 trips. Never happens. This time, I’m planning to catch it on one of my first nights, so hopefully I’ll have the stamina.

Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
This is more for my husband than for me, but I do feel like I should try it before writing it off as something I’m not interested in.

Attend Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
This is sort of a no-brainer. I’m super psyched to be attending with a small group of friends.

Voices of Liberty (Mouse on the Mind)In Epcot

See The American Adventure
Don’t judge me! I finally saw the Voices of Liberty and the Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corps. I just haven’t seen the audioanimatronics yet.

Attend an IllumiNations Dessert Party
This one is absolutely for totally sure happening. I have my ticket in hand for a party on Epcot’s 30th birthday night, and I can’t wait to celebrate with a great view and delicious snacks.

Lovable curmudgeonsIn Hollywood Studios
Check into the Hollywood Tower Hotel
I am sure I’ve missed some fun little details in the lobby or at the ride’s exit. This time, I am going to slow down and check them out.

Enjoy Voyage of the Little Mermaid
In the past, I’ve used this attraction to escape the heat and/or grab some quick shut eye. This time, I am going to explore the pre-show room and watch the show with interest.

Visit the Muppets
I just miss these dudes. What can I say? Estelle has poisoned me!

In Animal Kingdom
Dawa Bar (Mouse on the Mind)Experience Harambe School
I don’t even think this happens anymore. I’ve asked tons of cast members, and no one seems to know anything. Next time? I’m trying guest relations. I will not be denied!

Visit Camp Minnie-Mickey 
This section of the park is absolutely amazing during the holidays, but I’ve never managed to see it dressed down. It deserves at least a look. And maybe a pic with the Big Cheese.

Drink too much at Dawa Bar
I’ve done this with Tracy, but never with my own husband! This needs to change. Also, it’s a good opportunity to see the Jammin Jungle Parade while sitting down.

Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney (Mouse on the Mind)Elsewhere
Eat at Olivia’s (I will not fail again)
This is another one that’s been on my touring plan at least thrice now … to no avail. This time, my husband and I are staying at Old Key West, so we’re sure to catch at least one meal here.

Phineas and Ferb & You
I don’t know much about this new feature in Downtown Disney, but I do know that if it’s Phineas and Ferb, my husband and I are doing it!

Play mini-golf, Mickey-style
My husband’s favorite thing in the world is mini-golf. He loves it. Why the heck haven’t we done it at Disney yet?

Eat too much at the House of Blues Blues Brunch
This is a relatively recent addition to the must-do list, but it’s another sure-to-happen event, as I’ve already got my tickets in hand. Can’t wait!

What’s on your To Dis To Do list?

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