My To-Dis To-Do List

As our trip gets closer and closer, Tracy and I are putting together our plans for five amazing days in Disney World together. You can now follow our movements around the Resort from the new sidebar widget: Where In The World. It’s like Where’s Waldo, except we’re wearing Crocs and Mickey tee-shirts.

Tracy and I had a quick Skype session Monday night to finalize our ADRs and our touring plans, and our conversation got me in the mood to tell you about my To-Dis To-Do List. Of course, my overall Disney to-do list is longer than my arm, but here are the top five things I’m looking forward to on this trip:

New Attractions
I was just in The World two months ago, but you’d be surprised by how many new attractions there are since then! I’m looking forward to two in particular: Habitat Heroes and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.   

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure

Habitat Heroes is a new interactive game in Innoventions East. Designed to teach healthy habits, the game pits players against super villains like The Snacker. (There’s a great overview of the attraction on Mickey’s New Neighbors.) I love Innoventions because it combines fun with (mostly) practical lessons. And it’s air conditioned. During our first trip, Tracy and I had a great time playing RunTime and The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. We can’t wait to become Habitat Heroes!!

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a new Magic-Kingdom-wide interactive game, which pits guests against classic Disney villains. Sort of like Kim Possible, but even more interactive. In a Magic the Gathering-inspired twist, the game is played with cards, which are played against cartoon villains that appear in themed portals throughout the park. Looking forward to giving it a test run, for sure! (There’s a great overview on Inside the Magic.)

New-To-Me Attractions
Truth time: I STILL haven’t experienced the Voices of Liberty! Every time I visit Walt Disney World, I vow that this is the trip I am going to fully explore the American Adventure. And then something else comes up, and I end up putting it off. Well, my friends, this is the trip! I have no idea what to expect, and I am trying not to get my hopes up too high … but I think it’s going to be pretty damn awesome!

Solo with Lotso

My First Solo Trip
I’m 28-years-old, but this is the first time I have ever traveled completely by myself. Of course, I won’t really be by myself. The Parks will be full of Disney friends, and I know lots of people in Orlando. And my partner in crime Tracy will be there—in fact, the first thing on my to-do list is to meet up with Tracy and her mother at The Wave for lunch!

But Tracy and I are staying in separate hotels and traveling separately. Even when I go to conferences for work, I always travel with a coworker. This will be my first time really and truly on my own. For some people, this is no big deal, but for me, it’s a little scary! I can’t wait to tackle the challenge of (semi-)solo travel. Actually, I’m sort of looking forward to it!

One More Disney Day
When Tracy and I planned this trip, One More Disney Day was barely the whisper of a rumor and virtually no one was taking it seriously. We had no idea what we were in for. In fact, when we found out about the promotion (as we celebrated New Year’s Eve together), we almost decided to cancel our trip!

I am so glad that we didn’t.

Over the course of planning for this exciting event, I’ve met so many amazing people and made lots of great friends. Of course I am excited to ride Splash Mountain at 2 a.m. And I can’t wait to get my hands on some over-priced One More Disney Day merchandise. But I’m absolutely most excited to meet, in person, all of the new Disney friends I’ve made over the past several weeks. (If you’ll be in town for One More Disney Day, don’t hesitate to e-mail me at I’d love to meet you!)

Visited but never stayed

Staying in a Value Resort
First-World Problem alert: I’ve never stayed in a Value Resort. What can I say? I like a little room to move, especially when I am traveling with one or more companions. But, for my first semi-solo trip—and a cash trip, no less—this seems like the perfect time to give it a try.

I’m excited by the possibility of eating breakfast in a food court and of getting sucked into fun and games by the pool on my way to an afternoon nap. I’m a little worried about where I’m going to write all week without a desk area. But, overall, I’m excited about the opportunity to experience another aspect of Walt Disney World.

In addition to these five adventures, I’m also planning to work on some new projects for the blog. I’m pretty psyched for this trip!

Now it’s your turn: What are you most looking forward to trying on your upcoming trip? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook! 

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