Tired of Being a Single Rider? (May 2014)

Tired of being a single rider?Missed connections. They’re the Internet generation’s holding hands at the roller rink or buying a cutie a slice at the pizzeria. Only … sadder, somehow.

Inspired by the wicked sense of humor of Mark Diba, I scour Craigslist for Magical Missed Connections–those that take place in and around Disneyland and Disney World–each month. And share my favorites with you.

They crack me up! And now, hopefully, they’ll crack you up, too.

Disney World Guest Connections
These vacationing guests found love off of I-Drive …

Downtown Disney, 5/1/14

You asked me where the bathrooms were and told me I rocked. So this is a long shot since your probably a tourist. I thought you were pretty cute and had some nice art on your arm. If your interested tell me what color shirt I was wearing. (Source)

Downtown Disney AMC Theatre, 5/27/14

I asked you what movie you were seeing. You had a beard and tattoos. I was with my roommate and her boyfriend. We ended up going to the same movie, you asked me to sit by you but I couldn’t find you in the dark theater. My roommate convinced me I should post about this. (Source)

Magic Kingdom, 5/30/14

Chances are you won’t see this but I’m kicking myself for being so shy and quiet. Especially since I am usually a social butterfly. You made me nervous.. We happened to both be flying solo to the happiest place on earth but lost each other in the crowd after making it in the entrance. You liked my tattoos. I thought you were super cute. Your ride review was on point. We both have the same color band.. What color is it and what ride did I have a fast pass for? I’d love to plan a day to park hop together. (Source)

Disneyland Guest Connections  
Disneyland is the happiest place on earth … especially those who may have found true love …

Splash Mountain, 5/14/14

you were wearing a straw hat, white top & mickey slippers. it was so nice talking to you. you were too kind and sweet. had mentioned goin back on thurs. will you be there on fri maybe? let me know.. would be nice to c u again (Source)

King Arthur Carousel, 5/19/14

I seen you in line at the carousel yesterday (5/18). You were with a couple of friends, and we kept on making eye contact. I thought you were extremely cute! As you went on the ride I watched you go by a couple of times, and as the ride ended you walked past me. I was so tempted to say something! Even if it was just hello! But I was too nervous. AND I thought, what if there was someone she was looking at behind me and wasn’t me at all (Source)

Mad T Party Stage, 5/27/14

You were with your friend, had glasses on and brown hair with a stone beer baseball tee. I was with my 2 buddies watching all the people dance to the dj. We locked eyes a few times and I thought you were cute. We were right behind you hanging out then you moved closer to the stage. Wanted to ask for your number but got too nervous. I’m sure this will never work but I figured what the hell. Tell me what sports team was on my hat I was wearing so I know its you. (Source)

Disneyland Parking Lot, 5/27/14

I saw you on the Disney Bus heading back to Woodys parking lot. You were with a friend, I was with a friend and I boarded the bus last… I really wanted to say hi. You were wearing a black boss beanie with gold lettering. A nose ring. Shorts and boots. It was about 850 pm… (Source)

It’s Complicated
Well, it is! These folks met their missed connection while they were traveling with their daughters, girlfriends, wives and ex-wives. Yeesh.

Disney California Adventure, 5/2/14

On Thursday 5/1/14 around 10:30am you spotted me at the Monsters University display at Disney’s California Adventure and you asked me to take your pic on the steps. My daughter took the pic, then I took a few more of you with your cam. She also asked you about your Micky print sundress. I’ve been thinking of you non-stop ever since, hoping we’d run into each other again. Unfortunately we didn’t, it was crowded, so here I am on CL looking for any clues on how to reach you. (Source)

Disney World, 5/9/14

Last October we crossed paths and ended up going to the parks and hanging out together a little when our wives were busy. You’re older and lived in Florida but was staying onsite at Port Orleans. I’m from out of state. Lost your contact info and am planning another visit. Who’s your favorite character and how do I know that? (Source)

Disneyland Monorail, 5/19/14

I saw you as soon as you walked on to the platform later in the evening. You were with your boyfriend I think, I was with my gf. We stood close at one point and saw each other but never talked. I felt the electricity instantly and I know you did too. I would be crushed if I never saw you again… (Source)

Downtown Disney Orlando Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, 5/25/14

I was in a white Hurley t shirt and tattooed. My twins were in the corner and you were beside us. Your blonde hair was beautiful. You are in a couple of my pics and I want to meet you. you also told my Ex about the Frozen dresses on Eltsi? (Source)

Guests ❤ Cast Members
And not just for their CM discount …

Disney World, 5/13/14

you were driving a white SUV for Disney. I think security. Asked where to park cause you needed to use the restroom. Wanted to ask you out but I froze up. Lol. I was wearing Orange shirt and hard hat. Unloading goose neck. Message me if interested. (Source)

Disney California Adventure, 5/8/14

all I know about you is that your name is Connor and you work at Disney California. around the Hollywood areas. You’re tall and you have green eyes. I’ve been you and talked to you a few times. Its usually really small talk. I got lost once and went to you and you helped me. I usually only go on weekends and always see you. I go and buy something from you wanting to talk to you and make conversation but I’m just too shy. So I’m hoping youll see this and know who I am and talk to me or if someone who knows you sees this and tells you about it. (Source)

Disney World, 5/1/14

I have just been wanting to be physical with a cast member. Hard to explain why. I just see what they go through so the thought has become a turn on. I’ll be in town in for a solo visit June and i’m very discreet of course. (Source)

Bring Your Pepper Spray
These connections … I just don’t know. But I wouldn’t reply without some karate training.

Disney World, 4/26/14

If you have an annual pass and want to go, let’s go. I have a pass but no one to hang out with at the parks but me. You can be a visitor or live here. I can drive us or meet you there so we both have someone to hang out with at the parks. You must have tickets or annual pass too. Any age female is fine, this is just friendly hanging out. (Source)

EPCOT, 5/5/14

You, bring the Minne ears. Meet in Japan?No talk, just JO, and show up in Micky ears…mouse meat, please!! (Source)

Disneyland’s It’s a Small World Shop, 5/28/14

I was shopping and could help but notice you as I was waiting in line. Was just before fireworks. I didnt want to approach you as you were with a group of people. I am a photographer and would love to have you model for me-open to different looks. Okay if you never modeled. If this is you please tell me your color hair, what was on your shirt and anything else you were wearing. (Source)

If you have a great Disney Missed Connection story or if you spot a particularly great Disney-related Missed Connection on craigslist, share them in the comments or e-mail me!