Tired of Being a Single Rider (June 2014)

Tired of being a single rider?Welcome to one more month of crazy, crazy “love” stories inspired by one of my favorite people in the world: The Dibs.

If you don’t know Mark Diba … well, I’m sorry. He’s kind of like human sunshine. He introduced me to the idea of Disney Missed Connections, and they just crack me up! And now, hopefully, they’ll crack you up, too.

This month, instead of presenting categories of stories, I’m just going to highlight a couple of the weirdest, funniest and sweetest out there right now.

The Seas with Nemo
EPCOT, 6/4/14

You were super excited and interested in a lot of the animals in the tanks downstairs a couple days ago. I doubt you will see this, but you were cool and really funny and I’m hoping I might run into you again before you leave. What animal did you compare to a pokemon and where is your brother going to be working? (Source)

Female Han Solo
Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, 6/13/14

You were the beautiful woman dressed as Han Solo. I saw you in the big merchandise area while you were waiting to meet Ashley Eckstein. Our eyes met a few times and I think I even saw you smile. You definitely made me smile. I tried to find you a few times while walking around later, but I couldn’t find you. If you’d like to talk some, I’d love to get to know you a bit more. 😉 (Source)

Ladies at Disney
Walt Disney World, 6/21/14

Ladies, ladies, ladies…you outdid yourself this week at Disney! I really enjoyed taking in all the “sites” as I did the parks and in the area at large. Loved the young ladies, the single moms, the married moms, and the rest too. LOVED your fit legs, arms, cute cabooses…beautiful eyes of all colors…the way you posed for pictures…the way you fanned yourself because it was so hot. It was amazing week, ladies. I tip my hat to you all. (Source)

Jungle Dan at the Gorilla Exhibit
Pangani Forest Exploration Trail at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, 6/3/14

You were part of the activity book tour for kids teaching about the gorillas outside of the gorilla exhibit. I was with my two blond nieces (5 and 2) and my mom and sister. I was wearing a braid in my hair (reddish brown), gray tights, a grey shirt, and black high-waisted shorts. Oh, and I had glasses. You were adorable and so good with the kids. I wanted to go back and give you my number, but my family was moving on and I was afraid it would be awkward/inappropriate. Anyway, my mom said your name was Jungle Dan, and I hope she’s right so hopefully someone will find this and direct you towards it. If Dan wasn’t your name, you were tall and lanky with big ears. Also, since maybe you guys rotate (I have no idea), I was there on Sunday in the afternoon. (Source)

Hot Valet
Denny’s next to Disneyland, 6/22/14

You are the very beautiful girl at the free valet parking for Denny’s that I kept staring at. I didn’t know if I was making you feel uncomfortable, so I tried not to stare too much. It was as hard to take my eyes off you as it was to look at you. I’m painfully shy and could never approach a girl like you. I only wish I could. I was also with my family, and you were working, so it would’ve been rude to pick up on you any way. I hope you find this and reply. The only thing I will say about me is that I was wearing glasses when I went in, but took them off before I came out. Respond back with more details about what I was wearing and/or the vehicle I was in so I know it’s you. (Source)

Young Man at Disney
Disneyland’s Splash Mountain, 6/14/14

You kept rubbing me with your legs as we rode in the dark spots during the ride on Friday night. I’m the older guy that was with friends. I would love to meet up. Keep it on the DL. (Source)

Standing By The Payphones
Disney’s All Star Music Resort, 6/12/14

I was standing by the pay phones. You came walking in to use the bathroom wearing only your bikini. You had long curly brown hair and a body to die for! You came out of the bathroom and got a drink from the water fountain. You had the most amazing ass I have ever seen! As you were bent over drinking you had a little trickle of water run down the inside of your leg. I wanted to run my tongue up your inner thigh so bad. Reply with what color your bikini was. Would love to hear from you!(Source)

Rubbing It Out
Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean, 6/4/14

I was checking you out and you started to rub your crotch in line at pirates tonight but we were both with family. Dude I’d love to meet up with you. You showed your green and blue boxers and let me put my hand next to your cock when we got on the ride. that was hot. tell me what baseball hat and color shirt I was wearing. We could fully hook up. (Source)

YIKES! Have you ever used Craigslist to find a missed connection? Tell us about it!