Tired of Being a Single Rider? (April 2014)

Tired of being a single rider?As part of my renewed commitment to making Mouse on the Mind something I love, today, I’m introducing a new series inspired by one of my favorite people in the world: The Dibs.

If you don’t know Mark Diba … well, I’m sorry. He’s kind of like human sunshine. He introduced me to the idea of Disney Missed Connections, and they just crack me up! And now, hopefully, they’ll crack you up, too.

Guest Connections
Disneyland’s Downtown Disney, 4/12/14

Hey guy…in a white hoodie and handsome face…I love u. The stare down we had was special. I felt it. Meet me at Space Mountain. I’m in LA til Sunday. (Source)

Disney World’s Jellyrolls, 4/12/14

We caught eyes and talked. Went into the stall. You were hot but we were both with groups and couldn’t do more. Let me know if you see this and another detail of what happened. (Source)

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, 4/23/14

I saw you looking at me when I looked your way a few times. You had on a polo with sunglasses and a hat. Definitely felt like you were interested. If you read this, message me and tell me what I was wearing so I know it’s you. (Source)

Disneyland’s Grand Californian, 4/27/14

We passed by each other this morning crossing the street in front of the Grand. We made eye contact and kept glancing back at each other. I would love the chance to talk to you. Tell me what I was wearing so I know it’s you. I know this is a long shot but ya never know. (Source)

Disneyland’s Radiator Springs, 4/28/14

Hey there. . .you were a single rider assigned to my car on Monday at Carsland. You wore blue shirt and are tall and very cute -early 20’s. I was wearing sunglasses and my friend had her birthday button on. We chatted about the ride. . .you said you were there with your mom but took the single rider line to save time. I’m older guy in my 40’s. . . would love to chat with you and maybe go to DL together sometime. (Source)

Guests ❤ Cast Members
Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland, 4/01/14

DAMN! You were HOT. I noticed you were spending a fair amount of time in the stall next to mine, then while I was washing my hands you came out. You were the only Disney employee I saw all day who wore those uniform pants so well … (NSFW!! Continued at source)

Disney California Adventure, 4/23/14

You took my order today for ice cream, and mentioned you had seen me around. You seemed like a nice guy and I wondered if you wanted to get to know one another more. (Source)

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, 4/26/14

I’m looking for a girl named Nicole. She was the guide when I rode that great movie ride. Nicole if you are reading this I hope you remember who this is. I was wearing a blue Columbia shirt and you told me that you loved my shirt. I sat in the front row next to you and I was trying to talk to you but didn’t have much time. I told you that you had incredible eyes and you look like a Florida girl because you were so tan. I’m on vacation with my family but I would like to take you out one night before I leave to go back to South Carolina. Its weird writing this but I didn’t know how else to possibly get in touch with you. Hope to hear from you. (Source)

Disneyland’s Monorail, 4/28/14

You called me handsome as I walked up to you idk if you were just playing but I thought you were so cute your name is Austin tell me what you found in my bag this was Saturday at around 4pm I hope you see this and we can talk (Source)

g4p (Guest for Princess)
Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, 4/3/14

Jasmine: You really made me smile and laugh today. Just wanted to let you know. Hope you or someone who knows you sees this. Good luck with your studies. If you see this – hit me back – love to get to know you over a drink.
Cheers Mike – (the guy with the Bears cap you made captain and laughed most at your corny but superbly delivered (well practiced !?!) spiel. (Source)

Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland, 4/16/14

Dear snow white. I saw you looking yesterday…I know that look. Came to post about it. I think I am your Big Black!? Of course I would never contact your post and endanger a relationship. Fantasy is one thing. I would love to bang you out on I-4 though:) (Source)

Cast Members Lookin For Love
Disney World, 4/22/14

You dined at my work a few nights ago with a group of friends. You know my name as y’all said it a million times. Glad you did! Wanted to stay professional at work, but really wanted to get your number. Hit me up. (Source)

If you have a great Disney Missed Connection story or if you spot a particularly great Disney-related Missed Connection on craigslist, share them in the comments or e-mail me!

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