Thursday, March 1st: We’re Sleeping In

Day at a Glance: Recovery day.  No real plans!

Both Tracy and Melissa will be sleeping in!  This is only fair, considering the fact that they will have closed the Magic Kingdom at 6 in the morning!  In fact, when this post posts, we will still be celebrating the night away.[Melissa’s note: Melissa won’t actually be sleeping in too late, either … she has some plans for some super-secret mid-afternoon blog research.]

Though Melissa may be sleeping more in, as Tracy has to check out of her 1 bedroom villa and check in to a studio for her final night.  She’s not thrilled about this, but hey, what can you do?  It was a really good deal.

For the second day this trip, there shall be no ADRs.  The plan for food is ‘eat counter service when hungry wherever we are,’ and that pretty much sums up the theme of the day.  Depending upon how they feel, Tracy and Melissa (or Melacy, as we may have to start calling them by this point in the trip) will be enjoying DHS or Epcot this afternoon.  

But no matter which one they choose, they know that they will be in DHS at 5:00 for a super cool thing that only Melissa understands.  It involves toilet paper. [Melissa’s note: It’s called a Toilet Paper Tree, and it is completely inexplicable. Tracy will love it! So will you. If you’re in the area, come get your photo taken with the strangest thing in Disney World.]

I’m willing to bet that both parties will end the day fairly early, as the previous day will have been exhausting.  Plus they both have a plane to catch the next day…but not until after a fun-filled morning and afternoon at Epcot!