Thrifty Thursday: Food & Wine Fest

2012 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Mini-Guide BookEpcot International Food and Wine Festival: six words that are sweet, delicious music to every Disney foodie’s ears.

Walking around the World Showcase, sipping and snacking, is a great way to spend an afternoon (or two … or three) during Food and Wine, but it’s not exactly the most cost-effective way to get your Disney dining done.

But never fear! I’ve been to the Food and Wine Festival, and I’ve got you covered. Here are my top five picks for the thriftiest treats at this year’s festival:

Pumpkin Mousse from Hops and Barley (Mouse on the Mind)1. Pumpkin Mousse from Hops and Barley (American Adventure)
Not only is this the cheapest eat on my list at $1.50, it’s also my all-time favorite Food and Wine snack. Yes, it’s small, but there are four or five good bites here, and every one of them is delicious. It’s got cool, creamy pudding,  chewy craisins and a little bit of crunch from the oat crumble topping. Perfect, delicious and thrifty.

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