Food & Wine Guniea Pig: Final Recommendations

From Disney Parks BlogThis is Week Three in a month-long series outlining my quest to be more adventurous in my Epcot Food and Wine Festival drinking because I have totally been caught in a rut.

To help me along my path to many-varied-alcohols, I called in some of my dearest (and drunkest) Disney friends to make some recommendations sure to taste delicious while knocking me into a drunken stupor.

Of course, I plan to take lots of photos and report back at the end of my taste test!

The Parameters
My picky preferences: No red wine. I can handle a little bit of white. Beer? I usually find that it’s too hot in the Parks for anything too heavy.  I typically prefer a lighter, wheat beer. I tend to stick to simple tequila-based drinks or fancy girlie things where you can’t even taste the alcohol. It’s sad, frankly.

That’s why I called in reinforcements.

The Recommendations
Today’s recommendations come to us from Party Through the Parks, as well as Dawn from MouseChow:

These are some of our favorite items at the event, and based on your likes we think you’ll like them too:

Wine: Ireland’s Honey Wine

Beer: Brewer’s Collection Grapefruit Beer

Cocktail: China’s Kung Fu Punch

Bonus Cocktail: Singapore’s Singapore Sling (not for the weak, but if you’re up for it, it’s the best value price to liquor)

–The Duo from Party Through the Parks

Next up? Dawn!

I tried the key lime wine that you love. It was waaaay too sweet for me, but I could see why you would like it. It did pair really well with the shrimp ceviche at the Florida booth. Yum!

But that told me that you go for sweet and refreshing, so for the wine, try the La Face Neige Apple Ice Wine in Canada. I think you’ll really like that one. Or, get a prosecco at the Italy booth. Crisp and sweet – a nice alternative to champagne which can be a bit too dry.

For beer, you mentioned that you like wheat beers like Blue Moon. My absolute favorite beer at Food & Wine is a wheat and is not even promoted as part of the festival. It’s the Unibroue Ephemere Cerise. It’s a wheat beer but has more depth than something like a Blue Moon, with an interesting essence of cherry. You’ll find it also in Canada, but not at the Canada booth. Look over near-ish to the Le Cellier entrance for the popcorn cart with a few beer taps attached to the side. It’s a bit hidden but it is seriously worth seeking out.

For the cocktail, I can’t help but give two recommendations. First, is the Frozen Apple Szarlotka at the Poland kiosk. It’s like apple slush with a serious kick. I really liked that one. Or grab a Shakin’ Jamaican coffee at the American Adventure coffee cart. It’s practically dessert.

–Dawn of MouseChow Travel

Tune in next week when I reveal my Food and Wine plan of attack … and try to figure out how many beers I can swig before I puke in Germany’s miniature village.

What do you think? Are there any items that I absolutely MUST try? Let me know in the comments below.