They’re Always Glad You Came

I can never pick a favorite resort. Sometimes, I’ll think I have a favorite, but it never sticks for long. It’s like picking a favorite kid. Dan, on the other hand, will (and did in his blog post today) say that Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is his favorite. And it is spectacular, especially at Christmas time.

But this isn’t a story about Christmastime at AKL. This is a story about my favorite place to relax, get drinks and work (or work on the blog) at Disney World. And that place is Sanaa Lounge.

It’s small. Real small. Six people can sit at the bar, eight or ten in the booths and eight at a very long table in the center of the room. But Dan and I have posted up in that little booth with drinks and laptops mid-morning, and we’ve filled that table–well beyond capacity–with friends and loved ones in the evening. (Rarely, rarely, though, do we sit at the bar. Who wants to drink without back support?)

It’s small, yea. But there’s strong wi-fi and plenty of outlets, and it’s never really crowded. I credit that, at least in part, to the fact that Sanaa is out at Kidani Village. Which is great for me. But a real shame for the average Disney-goer. Because it is a pretty awesome spot to hang out.

Like any other signature lounge, you can’t order the full menu, but it does offer a nice array of options … and, yes, the much-adored bread service is on the list.

In addition to the foods, the Lounge serves wine flights, beers and cocktails. It’s not on the menu, but if you ask nicely, the bartender will make you a Brown Elephant (Amarula cream liqueur, Coke and cream). Yes, please!

[[You can see photos from the entire restaurant, including more delicious food porn, over on At Disney Again today–and you really should! The space is absolutely beautiful.]]

The bits and bites are good. Like the restaurant itself, the food at the lounge is a mix of African and Indian food, but it’s really quite good. I, personally, love the tomato-date jam and the cucumber raita that come with the bread service. The lamb sliders are also pretty killer, and I like the samosas (not pictured), as well.

But, really, it’s the drinks. And the relative quiet. And the zen-like atmosphere of the place.

Have you ever grabbed a drink at Sanaa? Let us know what you think of the lounge in the comments below! 

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