The Year Of The Sheep

Happy Lunar New Year! Starting today, we’re officially in the Year of the Sheep. According to Chinese myth and legend, sheep and rams symbolize peace, creativity and kindness. And Disney’s taking this year pretty seriously as well, with the debut of sheep-themed Tsum Tsums at Tokyo Disney in honor of the new year. In my own tribute to this warm, fuzzy year, here are my five favorite Disney sheep (in no particular order):

Sheep from BoundinLamb
From the 2003 Pixar short, Boundin
Warming up the crowd for The Incredibles is no enviable task. Even if Boundin had been the cutest short ever, who would remember it after the mind-bending, genre-shifting brilliance of the supers?!? But I really love this short—it’s so inspiring, especially for someone who struggles with depression and anxiety. Something not going the way you want? Just bound it out … it’s the Pixar equivalent of Mer and Christina dancing it out on Grey’s Anatomy.

The Rams from Brother BearThe Rams
From the 2003 Disney movie, Brother Bear
Maybe you don’t remember these two? They’re extremely minor characters in the Hollywood Studios-animated Brother Bear. They’re basically an animated Statler and Waldorf, but necessarily dumber. Because, you know, rams. But they basically spend the majority of the film’s 85-minute runtime arguing with their own echoes. They’re good for a joyful giggle.

Drowsy from Lilo & StitchDrowsy
From the 2003 Disney tv show, Lilo & Stitch: The Series
This little cutie … he’d make a great bedtime cuddle buddy. Technically known as Experiment 360, his adorable bleating makes humans fall immediately to sleep! Adorbs, right? It also sets off a particularly cute episode of Lilo & Stich when 626 uses 360 to help Lilo sleep … and then can’t figure out how to wake her up. It gets very Weekend at Bernie’s.

Bo Peep's Sheep from Toy StoryBo Peep’s Sheep
From the 1995 Pixar film, Toy Story
Three heads are better than one. I think. Maybe? These sheep, much like their wooly counterparts, bring me great joy and laughter. They’re such funny little mischief makers. Fighting with Rex, making Bo and Woody kiss. Cute, harmless pranks that cause their shepherdess no end of frustration.

Lambert the Sheepish LionLambert the Sheepish Lion
From the 1952 Disney animated short of the same name
He’s not technically a sheep, of course. But he was raised by sheep. And he’s pretty sheepish. It’s all right there in the title. It’s a case of mistaken baby delivery and coming of age drama that gives me the warm fuzzies and a pretty broad smile. And even cooler: It was directed by Jack Hannah, who co-founded the CalArts Character program.

Do you have a favorite Disney sheep? Did I miss one you totally love? Tell me about it in the comments.