The Perfect Thanksgiving at Disney World

Thanksgiving has become pretty special to me.

It’s always been a time to get together with family, enjoy a good meal and share a few laughs. But over the past two years, it’s taken on a new meaning because Thanksgiving was the first holiday I celebrated with Dan from At Disney Again, and it was also the first time a lot of my extended family members met (and subsequently fell in love with) him.

Last year, we celebrated by sharing a #hashtag game he’d created in 2012, when we were still just friends. This year, we decided to do a little holiday thought experiment: If we could put together our ideal Thanksgiving dinner using foods from any on-property restaurants, what would our feast look like?

Mouse on the Mind & At Disney Again Ideal Thanksgiving


Most of this is pretty straight forward, although I guess a couple of things require some explanation:

Fufu is a sweet potato dish served at Boma. The stars of the dish are mashed with warming spices (like cumin), sweet spices (like cinnamon) and some sugar and butter for good measure. Yum!

Creamed Corn Spoon Bread is just good. That don’t need no ‘splainin. But here, we’re using it in place of stuffing … because we couldn’t think of a good stuffing at WDW! (And we decided that anything from Liberty Tree Tavern’s dinner menu was just cheating.) Yes, that makes two corn bread dishes for those of you counting. But that’s okay by me.

Le Moelleux is pretty much the most amazing, decadent cake. It looks kind of like a lava cake … but, oh, it’s so much better.

What’s your favorite spot for a Thanksgiving-ish meal at a Disney Park? Let us know in the comments! 

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