The Only Thing I Ate During Food & Wine in 2014 (Updated)

This year’s Food and Wine trip was weird.

Instead of spending my usual long weekend eating my way around the World Showcase, my four days were split between Disney World and “real Florida” adventures. I am not complaining–it was sort of the best weekend ever. But in the end, I only spent about four hours in EPCOT. And I only ate one single Food and Wine Festival item:

Sweet Corn Cheesecake from the Mexico Pavilion!

This sweet little delight was only $3.50–and it had a pleasant flavor and super creamy texture. The little dollop of whipped cream was the perfect airy accompaniment, although the caramel topping was a little too sticky-sweet for me. I’d order it again if I was going to wait in the line at Mexico anyway. (Update: I won’t have to! Disney Food Blog has the recipe, so we can all make this treat at home.)

That said, I happily noshed on my treat as I walked toward the Beach Club, where I planned to meet Dan from At Disney Again … at Beaches and Cream … for lunch. (I’m not a total glutton–we ended up splitting an entree, but that’s a story for another day.)

After three years in a row of fast-and-furious Food and Wine trips where I eat way too much (and spend even more), I wasn’t too upset to take this little break from the over consumption. But you can bet I’ll be back next year.

What was your favorite dish from this year’s Fesival? Let us know in the comments below!

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