DVD Extras: The Legend of Mor’du

The Legend of MorduI rented “Brave” this past weekend to watch with my mother and one of my sisters. I thought it was a nice mother/daughter movie for a relaxing Sunday evening at home. Everyone loved it … and we all teared up at the end!

Since I rented the film from RedBox, it wasn’t mine to keep. So I made sure to watch all of the bonus features, including “La Luna,” the amazingly sweet short, and “The Legend of Mor’du,” which gives a little back story into the film’s hairiest antagonist. It begins with the film’s wood-carving witch, who flashes back to the story of the legendary black bear. 

The Legend of MorduThe flashback portion of the short isn’t animated in the same style as the rest of the film; instead, the tale is told through simple, but lovely, animation style that is almost like paper cut-outs set against a hand-painted backdrop. Brian Larson, story supervisor on Brave, said that he was inspired by the work of acclaimed Disney artist Mary Blair.

The short tells the story of how Mor’du sought to gain control of his father’s kingdom and became a bear. It very closely parallels Merida’s own story and fills in some of the gaps left by the film. There were a few reminders, for me, of “The Little Mermaid” and “The Lion King,” but like most Pixar films, the darkness of the story is tempered with some silly humor and a couple of prat falls.

I really enjoyed the short, and it answered a lot of questions I had after seeing the film. If you don’t plan on buying “Brave,” it’s worth a quick rental to see the short (and enjoy “La Luna” again).

What’s your favorite Pixar short? 

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