The Community Garden

Walking from Gorilla Falls or Rafiki’s Planet Watch toward Harambe Market, you’ll walk past a small patch of grass and weeds. It’s shaped almost like a right triangle, and it’s not much to look at. So you wouldn’t be blamed for walking right past it without a second look.

But. If you did walk by, you’d miss something pretty cool. Because like everything else in Animal Kingdom, there’s more than meets the eye for those of us who pay attention. Here, there’s a Community Garden.

These are a real thing in African communities. The gardens empower women in poverty-stricken villages by providing healthy foods for their families and income (from selling the surplus food). Traditionally, they’re centrally located (as this is, just outside Harambe Market) to ensure that members of the community experience the vibrant ambiance of the garden.

Fun fact: The sweet potatoes, chili peppers and pineapples are actually as marked. (Though there were no chili peppers on the plant when we took these photos.)

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