That Trip, Though …

Mouse on the Mind on Spaceship Earth
24-hour trip selfie on Spaceship Earth

If you follow my twitter feed, you know that I spent last Saturday evening in Epcot and last Sunday afternoon in the Magic Kingdom. I didn’t take any time off of work. I didn’t fly. I didn’t plan a single thing. In fact, I didn’t even book a room until two days before I left.

It was magic. It was kismet. It was one of those amazing, rare opportunities that presents itself occasionally to AP holders. I happened to be in the area, and I happened to have a traveling companion who is just as Disney-obsessed as I am (and willing to pull an all-nighter driving to get there a little earlier than necessary so we’d have time in the Parks) …

Leading up to the trip, I was absurdly excited about spending time in the Parks for the first time with a new partner in crime (aka At Disney Again), but other than seeing the Tangled toilet area, I really had no “must dos,” because I really didn’t have enough time to formulate them. There was no plan, just super awesome excitement and joy. The best kind of Disney trip!

So what did I get up to during my 24 hours in Disney World? I’m glad you asked …

Mission Space (Mouse on the Mind)
I took on Orange!

Even during the hottest days of August, it turns out that booking your DVC stay two days in advance leaves you with pretty slim pickins. Saratoga Springs was our only option for a one-night studio stay. It’s not somewhere I’d ever have planned to stay, but the resort was really charming! And I especially loved the on-site sit-down, The Turf Club.

We arrived on property around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, and we checked in first. Then while my companion caught up on his sleeps, I headed to Epcot. On the menu? Nothing! I had literally no plans because I didn’t think we were going to roll into town until 9 p.m.!

After some problems with my AP (which you KNOW I will tell you about soon), I ended up meeting up with a couple of friends for ice cream from L’Artisan des Glaces before heading off on my own to explore the World Showcase Pavilions for a couple of hours.

Before IllumiNations, I headed back to Future World to ride Mission Space Orange (I can tick that one off the “Never Have I Ever” list!) and Spaceship Earth before heading back to the resort, where I met At Disney Again and Jessika Von Schweetz for dinner at the aforementioned Turf Club. Great food and even better company.

Journey of the Little Mermaid Queue (Mouse on the Mind)
Journey of the Little Mermaid Queue

The next morning, my companion and I hit the Magic Kingdom, where we pretty much completely geeked out for four hours, including an awesome meeting with Ariel in her new Grotto (another item off the list) and had lunch at The Plaza (another yum).

And then it was over: the quickest trip to Disney World I’ve ever experienced (probably the quickest most of you have experienced, too) … but it was also totally THE BEST. The people had a lot to do with it, I think, but more than that, I think the length and timing of the trip made a huge difference for me.

When we rolled onto property, we had two things: a reservation at Saratoga Springs and a reservation at The Plaza. Everything else? Totally spontaneous and impromptu. With no plans and no schedule and no running list of to-dos, I just relaxed, ran around and had a ball. There was no pressure to see everything and do everything and … exhaust myself.

And it was a pretty great way to do Disney.

What’s the shortest Disney trip you’ve ever taken? How’d it go? Let me know in the comments below! 

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