Ten Things I Love About Monsters U

True Fact: I was a Monsters University skeptic. How could a prequel be any good, I thought. How could it possibly live up to the absolute adorability of Boo? Or the complete and utter WOW of seeing the doors for the first time?

But I was so wrong. It is just as good (if not better?) than Monsters, Inc.. I mean, it’s essentially a mashup of every college movie cliche ever smooshed together with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And I mean that in the most amazing way possible.

I am so fond of it that, instead of reviewing the special features (as is my custom), I’ve decided to tell you why this adorable film is worth your time and money if you (like me) didn’t think it was “worth it” to see it in theatres. (I will, by the by, get around to the special features eventually. Because they are adorbs!)

Here, in no official order, are the ten things I love about Monsters University. And not a spoiler among them.

1. This amazing piggie-thing

Monsters U - Piggie Mascot (Mouse on the Mind)

He is just so cute and exasperated with his lot in life!

2. Sully’s Dream Journal

Monsters U - Dream Journal (Mouse on the Mind)

Lisa Frank would approve.

3. Monsters University’s token student DJ

Monsters U - Monsters DJ (Mouse on the Mind)

He’s a rich kid cliche!

4. Mike and Sully getting … close

Monsters U - True Love (Mouse on the Mind)

Cuddles are the best!

 5. This disturbing library moment

Monsters U - No Talking in the Library (Mouse on the Mind)

The sound he’s making … it’s chilling.

 6. Party Central

Monsters U - Party Central (Mouse on the Mind)

Also the site of many pillow forts.

7. This dorm room

Monsters U - Dorm Room (Mouse on the Mind)

I swear, I lived in a room just this size second semester freshman year.

8. Tik-Tac-Pong

Monsters U - Tic-Tac-Pong (Mouse on the Mind)

I’ve been to parties where the frat boys are sticky enough that this would work. #gross

9. Club Fair on the Quad

Monsters U - Club Fair (Mouse on the Mind)

And the amazing painting this guy just made with his FACE.

10. Scare Cards

Monsters U - Scare Cards (Mouse on the Mind)

Why aren’t these a thing I can buy?!?

You have to admit … that is some adorable imagery! If you haven’t seen it yet, I totally recommend grabbing a copy of Monsters University on DVD or as a fancy blu-ray/dvd combo pack. It comes out tomorrow!!


Disclosure: I received this DVD free of charge from Disney. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own experience.

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