Teen Beach Movie Is Here!

Teen Beach Movie

If you’ve been following This Happy Place Blog‘s Estelle or I on twitter this week, you’ve probably watched as our excitement built up for the premiere of Teen Beach Movie. And the day is finally here! I can hardly believe it!

Look … I know. It’s nominally a movie for teens. And it looks super silly … but FUN SILLY. Even the guys at io9, one of my favorite futurist nerd sites, are excited. Lookit what they wrote:

Seriously, we’ve been excited for months for one particular TV movie that airs this week, about metafictional bikinis and musical gang violence. We’re canceling Comic-Con on Friday night so we can watch it!

…Yes, it’s true. This is the television event we’re most excited about this week — because it’s a Pleasantville ripoff, in which teens get sucked inside a movie musical. How could that not be kind of awesome? Oh, and it’s a movie musical that’s a beach-party takeoff on West Side Story, called Wet Side Story. Are you excited yet? Also, this film includes dialogue like, “We’re stuck in another dimension, and your idea of a good use of time is to PARTY?”

…That sound you hear? Is the sound of camp being redefined for a new generation.


So as Estelle and I are counting down the hours until some wet, wild and cheesy fun, enjoy these three exclusive clips of Ross Lynch, who plays the movie’s male lead, Brady. (He also has crazy sexy hair and is single … not that I am interested in a 17-year-old kid. Nope. Not me.)

Ross on Brady

Ross on How He and Brady Are Similar

Ross On The Big Kiss

Are you ready for Wet Side Story?! Tell us your Teen Beach Movie plans in the comments.