I Still Haven’t Peed in the Tangled Toilets

Anyone who knows me knows that I have been DYING to visit the new Tangled-themed rest area in the Magic Kingdom. It opened right after my February trip, and I haven’t had an opportunity to check it out until very recently.

Tangled Toilets (Mouse on the Mind)

I gotta tell you … At first, I was totally nonplussed. Totally. Everything looks sort of cheap and cartoony, even moreso than the beautifully animated film. The lanterns? They look cheap and fake. I guess I just wanted something that felt more immersive.

But even as I lamented the lackluster addition to Fantasyland, the ever-positive At Disney Again encouraged me to take another look.

I walked around the rest area for 10 or 15 minutes, checking everything out. And the more time I spent, the more everything felt real and perfect and exactly where it should be.

It’s sort of lovely! My favorite details are the lovely signs: even the “Cast Members Only” sign fits in with the theme!

Another thing to note: I was wary about the transition from this new fantastical little oasis to the dark, heavy Haunted Mansion style. But the transition is seamless and feels totally perfect and comfortable. That transition from Liberty Square to Fantasyland had always been one of my favorite spots in the Park. And that experienced hasn’t changed. (And I know: I made ADA circle the area three times with me.)

I’m still not sure how I feel about the lanterns. In my mind, they’re so magical and integral to the story. But they are already fading in the sun. And I don’t think they look quite right in the dark. I just don’t know. (I also don’t know if reality could even have come close to what was in my head.)

Tangled Toilets (Mouse on the Mind)

Overall, it’s a lovely addition. I can’t wait to watch fireworks from this new location. And I can absolutely see myself stopping to rest in the shade while my phone recharges. So it’s probably a big win, and I should stop complaining.

What do you think of the new Tangled Toilets? Let us know below.