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Animal Kingdom

Street of America 2012 - Mouse on the Mind

Weekly Round Up: December 15

The countdown to Christmas is on. Like, really on. This is the first year I can remember that I haven’t at least …

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Rivers of Light & Booze

As I was wandering through Animal Kingdom before Thanksgiving, I noticed something peculiar: The area that used to be Expedition Everest’s dedicated …

Pixar's Lava

Weekly Round Up: June 23

Last week, when I talked about Disney Pixar’s Inside Out, I didn’t mention the short, Lava. MY MISTAKE! Lava was just about the cutest thing …

Pangani Hippo (Mouse on the Mind)

Broadsides of Pangani

I am sort of in love with Helga. The Hippo. Who lives behind the glass in the Pangani Trail Hippo Room. I …

Flushing Meadows Park (At Disney Again)

Weekly Round Up: April 21

Howdy! Not much to report, Disney-wise. Dan and I have been adventuring around the homestead … Although last weekend, we did visit Flushing Meadows …